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  1. Inspiring Flow Conference 2013

    This year's Inspiring Flow Conference was almost three weeks ago, but it was such a great event, that taking a short look back still makes sense. One major change to the event this year was the language–all sessions were held in english instead of german. This addressed one of the popular suggestions from last year and lead to the event not only being a bit bigger than last year but also resulted in people from nine different countries attending it.

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  2. Stability Settings in Composer

    Today I streamlined the dependencies in the TYPO3 Flow base distribution as well as the contained packages to avoid potential surprises and speed up installation. And I have to admit that I am still learning and developing best practices when it comes to using composer besides simply requiring a package, eve though we replaced our own half-baked package/dependency management with composer quite some time ago.

    Speeding up composer install

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  3. Looking forward to… T3CON North America 2013

    Only three more weeks until this years TYPO3 Conference North America will kick off in beautiful San Francisco. Today I checked out the schedule and my anticipation grew when looking at the diverse and interesting topics. It is the fifth incarnation of the conference in North America, which took place in Dallas, San Francisco and Québec City, Canada, after it's debut in Dallas in 2009. This year it is back in San Francisco and I am so much looking forward to going there again it's ... Read more

  4. Switching from MySQL to MariaDB using MacPorts

    MySQL has been a cornerstone of the LAMP stack (and, dare I say, the web in general). MariaDB, for those that don't know it yet, describes itself like this: Read more

  5. Ménage à trois: TYPO3 Flow, PHPUnit, Composer

    The introduction of Composer support in TYPO3 Flow has caused some confusion when it comes to installing and using PHPUnit. In the past, PHPUnit was usually installed using PEAR and available as a system-wide command.Now there are additional options: installation through Composer and as a standalone PHAR archive, each of them posing some issues.
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