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Flow Profiling Tool

Plumber (in combination with PhpProfiler) is a profiling tool for Flow originally written by Sebastian Kurfürst. It uses XHProf and the Signal-Slot implementation of Flow to collect profiling information during requests. When members of the Flow team met in Kiel March 2013 for a performance code sprint, it was one of the tools we naturally used.

There were some shortcomings, though. Some problems were caused by the progress Flow had made the last weeks and months, requiring some adjustments to the code. Then there were some new analysis tools for XHProf that had emerged–and of course some ideas for new features of the tool had come up.

Thus I sat down and started to work on that package, with good results (some details on that as well as Plumber in general can be found in these slides I presented at Inspiring Flow 2013 and the T3CON NA 2013) that sat in branches of my Github forks of Plumber and PhpProfiler for a while.

Thanks to everyone who supported me with this project!

Karsten Dambekalns

Creative Code Engineer

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