Search Plus Your World - so what?

Why all the fuss? As a user without that SPYW feature rolled out to so far, I only learned about it through the focus on the user initiative. And, frankly, i do not get the fuss. Google puts some Google Plus results in a sidebar, right. But above that, it exactly says what's in that sidebar.

If that box said "Social Media Results", I'd be all enraged (as far as such things are important). But it doesn't.

If Google would filter twitter and facebook from search results, I'd be all enraged (as far as such things are important). But they don't.

I am smart enough to ignore that box, if it doesn't seem work for me. If enough people do, it'll be changed.

Why is number of followers more relevant?

In the video showing how the focus on the user code works, the narrator states over and over again: This twitter profile has a gazillion more followers, it must clearly be more relevant. Yes, sure. That's because twitter is as young as Google Plus and obviously both have had the same amount of time to accumulate users.

I'm glad the actual ranking code focus on the user uses is the search result ranking determined by Google - and I really hope that is based on more than just the number followers.

Mixing apples and peaches

And today I stumbled accross Larry Page to Googlers: If You Don’t Get SPYW, Work Somewhere Else and also read some of the linked posts from there. Reading the comments I wonder why people start bitching about not getting Android updates from their provider below a post about SPYW. If that is the level people think at, it's no wonder they overlook that sidebar's title.

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